Moya Flynn was born on 2 January 2013 and shortly after was diagnosed with a rare condition called Billiary Atresia meaning her liver ducts were blocked or disintegrated. Following failed surgery the only choice was a liver transplant.  Her dad Mark was a suitable living donor and on 23 June 2013 the transplant went ahead at King’s College Hospital in London.  The family, who live in Ireland, were given the use of a London ‘Home from Home’ which, as they said, “made a very bad situation a little better”.  They said that the Home from Home had everything they needed and allowed them to do all the things that were impossible when living on a camp bed in the hospital like having a shower and taking a nap when they needed to.  Moya’s uncle and some of his colleagues are taking part in the Tough Mudder Challenge at the end of April 2016 to raise money for the Rhys Daniels Trust as a thank you for the support Moya’s family were given. Moya continues to do well post transplant.

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