Khalid Adam was just six months old in June 2012 when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) and had to endure a six month course of chemotheraphy. Staying away from home meant his 10 year old twin siblings Daniel and Alyssa were forced to miss six months of schooling and mum Tracy was unable to work. In December 2012, with Khalid in remission the family returned home and attempted to get on with their lives with Khalid undergoing weekly blood tests and a bone marrow test every three months.
Sadly in July 2013 the leukaemia had returned and was very aggressive which meant that Khalid would need to undergo a bone marrow transplant. With Khalid being half Asian finding a bone marrow donor was more difficult than normal but following a media appeal a good match was found in the USA. Khalid finally underwent his bone marrow transplant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital on September 15th 2013. By the end of November Khalid was well enough to leave hospital but because he had no T cells or immune system the family were unable to return to their own home which was damp and they were reliant on the landlord to carry out the necessary repairs which he refused to do without increasing their rent. At this time the family were offered the use of one of the Rhys Daniels Trust’s ‘Home from Home’ in Birmingham. They made this flat their own home until January 25th when thankfully they were offered new accommodation of their own.
Tracy told us, “We are so grateful and without places like this many families, like ourselves, would be homeless or having to live in difficult circumstances.”

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